CAVDLE Brand Story

Your vision never fades

So how far your vision can be?
Is it the deepest Pacific Mariana Trench, or the highest Qomolangma?

For CAVDLE, our vision is from the mysterious ancient, to the future
of science and technology, long and broad vision, just as our users.

CAVDLE is inspired by the occasional appreciation of the Egyptian
mural, mysterious, retro, an image full of technology.

We decided to blend this retro and technology combination into the
field of printing supplies, to truly show the human's pursuit of perfect real images from ancient times, with modern technology.

CAVDLE Brand Introduction

Top print effect

CAVDLE engineers have a unique and profound understanding of color and their color senses are extended to the ink and cartridge research and development. After thousands of experiments, they finally find the most faithful way to present picture, no less than OEM top print results.

Green printing efficiency

While pushing the print effect to the extreme, CAVDLE has always insisted on the green concept, in order to provide users with more prints in an economical price.

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Professional service experience

The moment you buy CAVDLE products, our mission just begins. CAVDLE provides lifelong service assurance. No matter what problems you encounter, our technical staff will provide you with quick and professional advice within 24 hours. In addition, we will launch the recycling project so that you can easily handle used toner cartridges.